Fort Dupont Ice Arena renovation freeze

Renovation at DC’s Fort Dupont Ice Arena hit a freeze

D.C.’s public skating rink, the Fort Dupont Ice Arena, was supposed to close for renovations after this weekend — but then operators found out how much the revamp was going to cost.

“Gunty and several other board members, they have the expertise, they know how much it’s going to cost to build a rink and belong in the process. I think it would save the city a lot of headaches, because you actually have an expert who can give you solid suggestions on what you can do to build something that’s more affordable.” said Tomeka Gueory, board member of Friends of the Fort Dupont Ice Arena.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Friends group has encouraged kids and parents who use the arena to send hockey pucks to city leaders.

“Folks have written letters to both to the Honorable Mayor Muriel Bowser as well as [Ward 7 Council Member] Vincent Gray,” Gueory said. “So just to give them their personal testimony, because it’s always best to hear from the people being served and in this case, it’s our children.”